Dear visitor,

Dear visitor,
The EU funded CONNECT project (October 2007 - September 2010), which focused on Sustainable Mobility Campaigns for Young People has now finished. READ MORE.

Here your get access to the portal, which will take you to the project website.

CONNECT - Overview

The main drivers of the CONNECT project were: implementation, dissemination and ‘learning by doing’. Two separate campaigns were designed, one aimed at primary schools (Traffic Snake Game) and the other targeted at secondary schools (ECO-TRIP). Both campaigns aimed to encourage children and young people to travel to school using sustainable methods of travel (i.e. walking, cycling, public transport, car sharing and ‘park and walk’).

CONNECT - Results

The results of the monitoring exercise has shown that CONNECT successfully increased the use of sustainable transport modes and reduced CO2 over the three years of the project. CONNECT reached almost 85,000 pupils and over 5,000 teachers from more than 350 schools in nine countries. Collectively they saved over 1,000,000 car kilometres. CONNECT showed that great results can be achieved through co-operation and networking.

CONNECT - Further Information

If you did not have the chance to meet us during the project’s lifespan, we can still invite you all to discover our project here at and to make use of the experiences and lessons learnt.
There are several options:
  • You can enter the ‘old’ portal here.
  • You can watch a 5 minute video summary of CONNECT here.
  • You can download the CONNECT booklet with lessons learned here.
  • You can download other project materials and deliverables here.

The CONNECT consortium wishes to thank all those involved in the project for their participation, cooperation and insights. Keep up the good work, in the spirit of CONNECT.


We are pleased to mention that CONNECT has been an award winning project! In 2009, the project was awarded the prestigious Sustainable Energy Europe Award in the category of ‘Promotional, Communication and Educational Actions,’ in which we competed against 259 other nominees. CONNECT was praised for setting up new and easy sustainable mobility campaigns where pupils and students have a central and active role. The jury also noted and appreciated the benefits of a project consortium spread across Europe, along with the prominent involvement of newer member states.

Raf Canters, CONNECT project coordinator, September 2010